Who is StillVinSane?

Vinson Sanders III was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens and as bi-racial as you can be, growing up in an Afro-Caribbean neighborhood. He has lived through a contrast of worlds when he entered the world of private university life in the conservative “red state” of Greencastle, Indiana. Post grad he managed a psychedelic funk rock band while bartending at a bankrupted Italian restaurant in North Bergen, New Jersey. It was during that time he was officially introduced to the talk programming world when interning at Sirius XM Satellite Radio for legendary hosts Howard Stern, Ron & Fez, and Opie & Anthony. 

His life is full of spontaneity, music, hard action, travel, family, and fleeting friends. Travel is probably the biggest component of his life, constantly exposing himself to new people and cultures. Traveling regularly, attributing to a mostly global view of the world and certainly giving him the ability to talk all day long. With the voice of an insurance salesman he continues to carry on with his goal of being a radio host and a voice-over actor, particularly in animation.

You can book him for speaking engagements, live broadcasts, narrations, promotional commercials, cartoons and so much more all in the love of entertainment.

Keep UP!

A podcast that talks shit about the latest things I've seen, heard, and lived. Giving you the StillVinSane point of view about the latest viral news and overly used cliche's.

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